John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

I Will Be CALM

Vittoria: do you know where i need to go on thrsday?
James: Yes. To the hospital to get a CAT-scan.
Vittoria: yeah she told you
James: Why do they want to do it, what's the purpose? I thought they already ruled out cancer with the biopsy.
Vittoria: they want to make sure its not something else
James: You mean besides cancer?
Vittoria: he jsu wants to check why my back hurts do to my stomach he said its common but needs to be checked if theres anything like in the lungs
James: Well, that test is quick and painless.
Vittoria: yeah but your not getting the shot so it wont be painless to me
James: So just get it over with. You need to be healthy for when I get my hands on you. Or I should say IN you.
Vittoria: plus im TIRED OF IT ALL
James: I know, I know.
James: Just make sure nothing stands in the way of your coming to New York at the end of January. NOTHING. Do you understand?
Vittoria: Okay, OKAY!

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