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John Palcewski's Journal

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The Pleasure of Pain

What makes one poem more memorable than another, according to Harold Bloom, "must be that the memorable poem, the poem that has more meaning, or starts more meaning going, is the poem that gives (or commemorates) more pain. . . Strong poetry is difficult, and its memorability is the consequence of a difficult pleasure, and a difficult enough pleasure is a kind of pain."

In the pain of crisis--especially this latest one of Vittoria’s--I get solace by writing about it, clearly and directly. This practice is informed by the theory that in your dreams when you are pursued by an evil demon you must not run. No, you must stop, turn around, and embrace it. Why? Because evil relies on cowardice and simply dissolves in the face of courage.

That is not to say that reassuring words from dear friends are unwelcome. But eventually you realize sooner or later you have to stand on your own two feet.

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I really hope everything works out for the both of you.

It has to be right for somebody, right?

Many thanks for your kind words. I keep repeating this, but Camus said "Happiness, too, is inevitable!"

It's the angsty waiting to find out that's the hard part, I guess. :)

I love when people bring honesty to their journals, thanks for sharing this experience. Dig the picture too...

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Sometimes this understanding comes easy, other times hard, but it's good that it eventually comes nevertheless. BTW, as a fan of KV you might be interested in these images I made of him a while back...

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