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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Re dei polli

My third premoniton in two days that Vittoria’s CT-scan will turn out OK came this morning, as I held aloft my new feather duster and strolled along Forio’s main street. When I bought it at the market I thought the plumage was that of a peacock or some other exotic indigenous fowl. But Elena smilingly set me straight. “They’re chicken feathers,” she said. “Dyed purple.” But she hastened to reassure me they were obviously from a very young chicken, most likely a virgin.

My premonition of Vittoria’s good health was in the form of a mild surge of elation, or a sudden recognition of the utter beauty of the sunlit morning, the ancient buildings on both sides of the street, the lyrical language spoken by these passersby, and even the buzz of Apes and motorinos.

King of the Chickens!

Elena filled me in on the latest news. Her husband, just yesterday, had stopped by the magic garden and to his astonishment he found a couple empty hypodermic syringes on the patio near the apartment door. He wondered if this guy, James, who comes to water the avacados and banana trees, had left them. Elena laughed, “Oh, hell no! Jimmy gets his high from strong coffee!

Strange, though, that Pina the housekeeper hadn’t reported them first. Who ARE the addicts who have overnight turned the magic garden into a shooting gallery?

Nobody knows.

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ooh, bello! i'm so happy you're getting such positive premonitions. hope vittoria lets you know some good news soon!

great photo. :)

Thanks, I only hope that they come true!

I'm hoping on your premonitions and that you get news soon!

Apparently the doctors in America are on Italian time. Domani. When an Italian tells you domani, even though he or she knows it's not possible for it to happen tomorrow, it's not exactly a lie. You're just being told what you what you'd like to hear, so that for the moment you will feel good. Which is better than feeling bad right now. Better to put that off until...domani.

Very rude of them to leave needles about, and I'm sure they'll be very easy to catch at the right moment in the night.

Well, maybe. But the Carabinnieri first have to catch and ticket all the criminals who ride their motorinos without helmets. Speaking of the Carabinnieri, do you know why they always travel in pairs? One to read. The other to write. (This was told to me by a native Italian, so it's OK to repeat it here. No offense intended, senore. Honest to God.)

Forgive me for being presumptuous...

...but this post is glorious and I am in an astonishingly good mood. Therefore, I will have the audacity to offer you the following faux accolade...

I salute you!

Re: Forgive me for being presumptuous...

Nice way to start the day! Many thanks to you for your kind award...

a palm tree wielding giant?

The magic of a wide-angle lens, plus a bent for melodrama. That's the ticket!

That photo is so expressive. Absolutely beautiful.


Thanks! I enjoyed making it. Happened to be in a very pleasant and whimsical mood.

the cross in your left eye is magnetic. Count that as a good premonition, too. :)

I'll take all the good premonitions I can get, thanks!

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