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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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The BEST Christmas!

My Christmas celebration this morning: I began with a bus ride around the island, which I do frequently, then I walked through my village. There was an impromptu fish market in the piazza near Sant Gaetano where I encountered a TV cameraman and cute reporter. Then to Santa Maria di Loreta where they had a scale-model of our village. As I looked at the familiar buildings in miniature the loudspeaker played John Lennon's "Imagine." Perfect! Then I went to La Tinaia for a pizza with mozzerella & anchovies, ice cream desert and a Coke. Then home!

Siimple things like this are the very BEST.

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All those pictures and your words are fabulous to wake up to. The sun streaming through clouds is breathtaking. Your pizza and ice cream look soooooo yummy. And the fishes... wow. You make me smile on a cold early Minnesota winter.

Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your amazing vision.

Blessings this season to you and yours.

Thanks for your kind comments. As it happens I spent a year in Minneapolis and I remember one morning it was 30 degrees F below zero, and that was not wind-chill, either, there wasn't a breeze blowing. Cold? Yep. That was COLD. And I recall during a snowstorm there was this car by the side of the road with the hood up, and working on the carburetor was a young, tall, slim, blue-eyed blonde girl in tight jeans and a down jacket. She yelled for her companion to turn the key, and by God that engine coughed into life. She slammed the hood, got in, and went on her way.

Merry christmas and happy holidays!

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