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John Palcewski's Journal

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The BEST Christmas!

My Christmas celebration this morning: I began with a bus ride around the island, which I do frequently, then I walked through my village. There was an impromptu fish market in the piazza near Sant Gaetano where I encountered a TV cameraman and cute reporter. Then to Santa Maria di Loreta where they had a scale-model of our village. As I looked at the familiar buildings in miniature the loudspeaker played John Lennon's "Imagine." Perfect! Then I went to La Tinaia for a pizza with mozzerella & anchovies, ice cream desert and a Coke. Then home!

Siimple things like this are the very BEST.

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Bon hiver! Happy December Nights! ;)

Doesn't fish play a huge role in traditional Italian holiday dinners? Something about 'seven fish'? Or maybe its a seven course seafood holiday dinner? Its tickling at the edge of my mind...

Seven Fish Tradition of Napoli

The seven fish dinner is a thing that started in Naples centuries ago, and is a southern Italian tradition. Not so much so elsewhere in the country. Why seven? Seven sins, seven Roman Catholic sacraments, the number of days for Mary and Joseph to travel to Bethlehem...many theories, little solid historical fact! But it's a fun thing nowadays and that impromptu fish market in the piazza in Forio was just for this particular Chriastmas eve, and why that TV cameraman and cute little reporter showed up. Me? Pizza, of course 'cuz I'm just a crazy Americano!

Re: Seven Fish Tradition of Napoli

Wow, I was totally pulling that outta my butt and I almost had it! Yes, that makes sense, fascinating! (Only got your reply now, 5 days later...)

Of course they showed up for you! No doubt word got out and everyone wanted to act casual so the idea of a 'fish market' as a 'front' popped up to cover their subvertive activities! No Doubt!

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