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John Palcewski's Journal

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The BEST Christmas!

My Christmas celebration this morning: I began with a bus ride around the island, which I do frequently, then I walked through my village. There was an impromptu fish market in the piazza near Sant Gaetano where I encountered a TV cameraman and cute reporter. Then to Santa Maria di Loreta where they had a scale-model of our village. As I looked at the familiar buildings in miniature the loudspeaker played John Lennon's "Imagine." Perfect! Then I went to La Tinaia for a pizza with mozzerella & anchovies, ice cream desert and a Coke. Then home!

Siimple things like this are the very BEST.

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Re: Seven Fish Tradition of Napoli

Wow, I was totally pulling that outta my butt and I almost had it! Yes, that makes sense, fascinating! (Only got your reply now, 5 days later...)

Of course they showed up for you! No doubt word got out and everyone wanted to act casual so the idea of a 'fish market' as a 'front' popped up to cover their subvertive activities! No Doubt!

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