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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Notte Degli Angeli

In late evening the village of Forio comes to life, and often out on the Mediterranean's horizon you'll see the lights of fishing boats and cruise ships slowly moving along, and in a shop window you might encounter the sweet little angel who has been watching over you all along.

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Pretty. I'd rather be there.

So beautiful...If I had to live anywhere but beautiful here, I'd live in beautiful Italy.

You don't by any change live in heaven, do you?

beautiful! lovely blue angel.

I love when it's that time of the day, and the lights are just starting to come on but it's not completely dark yet. I love how the cities/towns/etc look ... so absolutely beautiful. So, I love this first photo, John, thank you for sharing it :) And the angel is absolutely gorgeous, too!

Your home is so beautiful! I'm sending this picture to the Scot because Forio must be on our travel agenda.

reminds me of monterosso--the coast line, the buildings and--i think i encountered that same 'sweet little angel.' ;) ciao!

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