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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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After many years of solitary exile on the mountainside of this beautiful island of Ischia I have decided to briefly reappear in civilization. New York City, to be precise. I plan to be in Manhattan for several weeks beginning next Thursday, January 27. My friend penpusher is hard at work making arrangements for me to publicly read some excerpts from my various literary works in progress, and he’ll soon announce the time and place. Meanwhile, I’ll be delighted to meet any of you privately. Just drop me a line at Palcewski@hotmail.com or leave a comment here.

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That's a great picture :)

Glad you think so, thanks!

It makes me wonder where m feather duster ended up during out last move. Probably stuck in the storage locker somewhere. It's probably collecting dust :D

I'd love to meet you! I'm in lower Manhattan, can never do anything on Monday or Tuesday nights, but can work around most other times.

Sounds good. I'll be staying in mid-town, on the east side, so maybe we can meet somewhere in between at a time & place of your choosing. My cell phone number is:

339 168 0452

When calling me while I'm in Italy you have to add the prefix:

011 39

But in America I'm not sure if you'll have to use the prefix 001
(the telephone American country code, as 011 is Italy) or just the number. If you send me your cell number via my hotmail address, I'll give you a ring. Ciao!


That's an utterly fantastic picture. I love the humour in it.

Many thanks, I meant it to be funny!

I hope you have a grand time in civilisation, John!

I haven't been around LJ for days and now I'm missing all the latest installments :(

Nice to hear you'll be back in NYC again. I hope you have a great trip!

Just an FYI, a blizzard's coming here today with like 20 inches of snow. Ha! Bet ya can't wait to see the white stuff.

I'm hoping it all clears out by the time I arrive...

It should, however, it's all starting NOW. The snow's coming down like a banshee. Ugh. I think we're due to get about 15-20 inches by tomorrow nite.

oh, i'd love to hear you read! unfortunately, i don't live in NYC, and travel right now isn't in the cards for me. i hope you have a safe trip, though, and find a very welcoming audience. :)

Kind of you to say...and I hope the weather gets better by the time next Thursday rolls around.

What fun!

It would be great to see you live!

How long are you here? I'm in Arizona when you arrive, but am back in NYC as of 9 February. Will you still be around?

kspravda@livejournal.com will find me!

Greetings, yes, I'll be in New York for most of February. When I settle in I'll drop you an email. By then I should have figured out what prefix (if any) is required to be put on my cell phone number.



Say, as a suggestion, let's go see the Christo and Jeanne-Claude gates in Central Park . . . that opens 12 February or so, and should be amazing!

Or you could hold court at a fine hostelry in NYC and enjoy refreshing cocktails . . .

I look forward toi meeting you!

That image of you is priceless. Too bad you won't be on the west coast; I'd love to hear you read. Ah, well. Have a safe journey, and do keep us posted.

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