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John Palcewski's Journal

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On My Way to America!

Five after five in the morning. The boat leaves for Napoli at six. My landlord will drive me to Ischia Porto at five thirty.

As you can see I’ve decided to dress up for my flight via Lufthansa to JFK in New York. Pale blue jeans, loafers, a black turtleneck sweater, a beaded necklace I bought from one of those Senegal street merchants in Forio, and a tourquoise crescent moon on a cord I got last year when I explored the nearby island of Ponza. Also a blue blazer with a silver enameled Alpha Sigma Lambda academic honor society pin on its lapel, a leatherbanded watch, and my big gold Moravian college class ring with large aquamarine gemstone.

Laptop and Camera bags are packed. I decided I’ll take my videocam after all. I’m not taking my two now obselete Nikon N90Ss to sell or trade in because B&H immediately told me, via a surprisingly prompt email reply yesterday, that they have no market for these cameras, despite their perfect condition. Makes sense. EVERYBODY is dumping film cameras in favor of digital. So I’ll just keep the lunks as historical artifacts, along with my enormously heavy Bronica and two lenses.

I’ve got a batch of music CDs and a Sony player with little earpieces. Beethoven late quartets, piano and violin concertos, plus solid gold Rock & Roll and Mississippi Delta Blues. One book: “Adoption Nation,” by Adam Pertman. Usually I take Joyce, or his biographer Ellmann, or the great Stuart Gilbert study of Ulysses. Most of what I’ve learned about my favorite author came over the past couple of decades from airplane or airport or hotel study.


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you look like you're ready to travel. have fun.

Any moment now my landlord will knock on my door. Thanks!

Turned out that's exactly how this trip went. No glitch anywhere. Amazing.

I watched Under the Tuscan Sun this evening, saw your post, and it immediately reminded me of the movie. Granted the book was far better but that's always the case. Probably was the beautiful Italy and your Polish last name. Haven't formally introduced myself, I'm Beata. Have a safe trip.

Greetings, Beata! I thought I'd get culture shock when I returned, but the place looks just like it did when I left...for the most part, anyway.

Safe Travels and God(dess) go with you.


Here's how the Goddess took care of me. The plane from Munich to JFK wasn't full because it's the off season, and I got an asile seat in the middle section. Nobody showed up for any of the three remaining seats, so I pushed up the arm rests, reclined like The Lord of the Manor, and slept for most of the flight. Best transatlantic flight I've ever had!

You are indeed Watched Over. :)

be safe, have fun!

(Deleted comment)
Your good wishes obviously worked, because the trip was not only safe but enjoyable...Thanks!

purrr. given that I live in NYC I hope we can find some time to meet up...

In a few days drop me an email at Palcewski@hotmail.com and we can set something up. I'm staying in Midtown, on the east side next to the river, so let me know of a place of your choice between here and where you are, and what time, and I'll be there!

B&H is awesome! My wife works about two blocks from there. Even though they won't take your Nikon N90S's, try to stop by there. It's a really great 'toy' store.

Have/hope you had a safe flight!

Yes, B&H has a tremendous reputation and hasn't ever let me down over the years...but I need to stay out of there because once I start I can't stop. Too much temptation!

joyce is your favorite author, huh? i've read a few things by him, but my heart is reserved for virginia woolf :)

modernism is wonderful, isn't it?

You might say I'm partial to it!

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