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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Just For Heidi

A scene early this afternoon at Juan Valdez Café, on 57th Street near Lexington Avenue. Their body language tells us what about this couple? My guess is that she is way more interested in him than he is in her. And why would that be? She is young, attractive, exceptionally bright, and ambitious. She's making it in New York. So what's not to love? Unfortunately some men don't want what she represents. Especially the exceptionally bright part. Oh, well. Sometimes you just can't win, eh?

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Food for thought!

A Willingness to Suffer

From "Parabola: The Magazine of Myth and Tradition," Spring 1993:

"The bridging action of healing appears to be not an isolated act but an ongoing process. Another way of envisaging this process is as call and response: the Divine, the ultimate expression of wholeness, emits a call or a pull towards itself. The sufferer, the one who is ill or incomplete, yearns to respond to that call. We are all such sufferers, and we are all heroes when we admit that we are incomplete and at the same time accept the pain of being drawn out, through healing, towards the Divine. We see that healing is not passive; on the contrary, it demands the most active participation and a willingness to suffer."

Re: A Willingness to Suffer

What a great quote!

From the look of that sweater, he doesn't deserve her anyway.

That's what I thought! I mean about him not deserving her...

It seems that way, too, that she is a lot more into him than he is. His loss, right?

Absolutely: His loss! She looks wonderful. She is lively. She is open. She is passionate. She has a lot to say and to give.

Yes, but I don't think he'll ever realize it!

That's quite an extrapolation from just a frozen instant, but I like the way it flows.

And you're probably right.

I'm here to take care of some literary business, and also to visit a dear, life-long friend who has generously put me up in her home. The comment below I mistakenly put in response to the comment of the LJer above in this thread! Sorry.

Yes, I was actually responding to the friend that I knew who posted something in YOUR journal. I didn't know that he also knew you!

Maybe it is through him that I landed here in the first place.

Did you pick up NY Magazine this week? Your lovely friend Susan Sontag was featured in a rather lengthly article.

Thanks, I'll have to look it up...

I found our friend here in a friendsfriends query. Maybe from your list? He seems very interesting, so I jumped in. :)

Ahh, he IS very interesting ;) I'm sure you will enjoy being here :)

Fiction writers are obliged to make these guesses, and the process relies on trusting one's gut...which, as a wise woman once told me, is the ancient part of ourselves that hasn't yet learned to doubt itself.

I stumbled across your journal somehow.
I like the way you look at the world (well, as far as I can tell by reading a few entries). I have added you to my friends list, I hope you don't mind.

Many thanks for your interest, and welcome aboard!

Hey! Welcome to NY!!

You must be snapping away and getting writing ideas right and left in NYC. Does it feel good to be back again? Miss the hustle and buzz of NYC?

Hope you are having a nice time.

Enjoy your visit...and bundle up!

I thought I'd feel a lot of nostalgia, or some other related powerful emotion but instead it is just pleasantly and comfortably familiar, as if I hadn't been away for all those years. Yes, I'm having a wonderful time, and I brought a warm coat with me from Italy!

Glad you are enjoying yourself. I was in NYC today myself and it was actually quite balmy :)

Let me see some more pictures! I took some today. We will see how they came out and whether they are worthy of posting on LJ.

He's her older brother's friend. Everything she does is performative, and she still thinks that the way to make friends is to make people interested in her by taliing about herself a lot and by arguing with them.

Already he can tell that she has the personality of, say, a Dr Joan. He finds her interest dismaying, and doesn't want to encourage her youthful crush.

And besides, he lost his heart last year to a young married woman who teaches him the piano. Not that he told her, yet.

This is a most engaging and credible scenario, except that Dr. Joan had a fear of intimacy that this lass doesn't seem to have!

are you sure? Some of the most engaging and demonstrative people have a fear of real intimacy. They wear one heart on their sleeve but hide the real one. Dr Joan must have been aware that she herself has some of the symptons of the Hysteric.

Perhaps we're both too sentimental, you and I. Maybe those two are yuppies discussing Ikea!

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