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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Valentine for Vittoria!

These are the sweets on display in the Fairway on Broadway and 74th Street. Below is part of another version of sweetness, this one in the window of Tiffany's, on Fifth Avenue. Both of which are for you, my dear precious Vittoria! Happy Valentine's day--in advance.

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thank you for all of these entries and pictures. you're simultaneously stirring and assuaging my new york city needs ...

I love the Tiffany window. Awesome! I should walk over there before it disappears. Very clever.

Looks like something you would create, too.

My mother is in New York too right now. Helping my Grandparents out after Grimsbe's surgery. I'm incredibly jealous. As a only child to a single parent she would send me to her parents during school breaks for relief. I'm have very fond memories and miss New York constantly. It has been my dream goal for many years to move there however funding is forever an issue. You keep posting pictures and it makes me feel "homesick". Mom has promised to return with all my favorite foods (well except a pizza pie, i don't think that would fit in the overhead compartment). I'm sure you know, but it is impossible to find the diverse food here that you can there. We are a Polish and Italian family and in KY it is just not easy to put together the types of meals my family cooks.

Is it too much to hope they will find a way to send food through e-mail someday? If not...put me down for one of everything in that case!!! ; )

The letter in that second picture just looks so much like one you would write.
I hope you two have a wonderful Valentine's.

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