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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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The Early Show on CBS

After ten minutes of shooting these celebrities on this outdoor production of The Early Show on CBS, a grim guy in a suit demanded to see my press credentials. I showed him my card, with an Italian address. Not good enough. "You need a regular press pass," he said. "Fine," I said, and departed. I got all the shots I wanted anyway. As I was shooting the coffee table, I thought that maybe one of these days my Vittoria might be among these bright shining faces on TV. It could happen, you know!

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man oh man giovanni, you are doing up the tourist thing! dont forget:

the empire diner
the russian baths on tenth street and first avenue
katz's deli
the staten island ferry
the main branch on the ny public library
the cloisters
the promenade in brooklyn heights

all free or relatively inexpensive

I'm sorry, I don't know who these people are. Will you enlighten me?

Sorry, but having been in Italy for the last five years I have no clue. My guess is they're TV personalities.

i'm somewhat embarrassed to know this, but they're the finalists from the reality show 'the amazing race'.

great shots!

Great shots!

I'm back in NYC--would love to connect!

Sounds good. I'm having cell phone problems big time, and I'm reluctant to get calls on my generous hostess's phone, so maybe you could drop me an email suggesting a place to meet that's somewhat near my location of 1st Avenue & Sutton Place...


Sounds good. How would tomorrow afternoon near Rockefeller Center work for you?

If not then maybe early next week?

BTW, bleujulie is in town and wants to get together, have you arranged something with her yet? Also, she suggested attending a reading penpusher is organizing--do you know about this?

Tomorrow afternoon would be good, looking forward to meeting you. How about 2 PM at the RC skating rink, facing that gold statue of Prometheus? We could go have coffee from there...

As it happens Bleujulie and I are guests of the same hostess, and she's very busy with job interviews so I don't know what her schedule is. I'll see if she'll join us.

Penpusher says the reading isn't working out but this Friday there's a meeting at a location on Mulberry, which unfortunatly I've mistakenly deleted from my Word file, and which I'll have to get again from him.

Let me know by return post if the time is OK...

Fantastic pictures! The first one really caught my attention.

You'll have to do the Today Show (NBC) on 49th at Rockefeller Center (5th Ave towards 4th). They're usually out and about the crowd at some point.

p.s. Carmine's @ 93rd and Broadway is my recommendation for victuals but only if you have a large party.

Who is that stunning dark-haired woman?

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