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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Rockefeller Plaza Shutterbugs

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Those are highly amusing, especially the middle picture of the two in parkas.

ah, the capture of memories, places and events--to take back home and let churn in the broadening of one's life experience. you captured it!
your pictures an editorial have been wonderful.
have you ever though of coming West to CA? i'm sure time is short, but... when to you head home to italia?
i look forward to the flavor of your 'return' for a visit is encompassed in to your writing.
grazie, ciao!

fabulous! I love your pictures

That last photo looks like it belongs in a clothing catalogue - maybe because they're all so well co-ordinated :)

Lovely shots.

(Deleted comment)
Yesterday evening and early this morning I got a ton of Christo's Gate shots...at the moment I'm plowing through the images, making a preliminary selection. I will, of course, be posting!

(Deleted comment)
i think these are my favourites of your nyc pictures.

Those are great pics. I particularly like the last two...I assume they all organized there outfits together!?! It's great!!!!

Very smart choice of subject.

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