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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Christo's Gates, Central Park, New York

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Thank you so much for posting this. I've been curious about the exhibit since hearing about it on NPR. I know it's not going to be up very long. Of these photos, I am particularly fond of the very top one, for some reason.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed them...

john, i was positive you'd be posting pictures of this artistic action in the park. the symbol of gates open to all to pass on toward the next step with the only effort being the choice to do so.

Yes, there wasn't any question that I'd be out there in the middle of that great installation.

That whole thing is pretty amazing, it's a simple sort of design but it's caught the interest and curiosity of so many people.

Its magnitude and effect on all those who have experienced it is staggering. And what's more, every single gate is free-standing, which is to say that absolutely nothing of the grounds of the park has been disturbed, and when the installation is taken down soon no trace of it will remain.

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It will take me a while to process the experience of seeing it, documenting it! But sooner or later I'll come up with something.

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your photos, particularly the first one, have captured my romanticized vision of NY.

I've known this city most of my adult life and I still have not lost that romantic view of it...

This seems to be a work of pure joy.

I'm so happy you've posted these pictures, because I'm so sad I'm missing it. Many thanks, John.

Yes it was a joyful and liberating experience, and I'm glad I'm able to share it...

I was going to ask you your thoughts on the exhibit. Looks like I'll have to wait like the rest of us.

What a gorgeous day in NYC, eh? You almost could catch a glimmer of Spring.

Yes, and what good fortune! It would have been a different experience altogether had it rained or snowed.

may I link to this post in arthistory? Someone there posted a link about this and mentioned how they wish that they could go there to see it. Then I saw your post and I thought, "wow, how serendipitous".

Yes, that would be good, thanks for asking!

Christo is so cool. Thanks!

Glad you liked it, thanks.

oh oh oh!! *exuberant squeeing*

I forgot that was opening and that you would be THERE, oh wow, and your pictures are so much more fabulous than the ones in my local paper. Thank you soooooo much for posting these. Wow!

Glad you liked them, thanks!

We just missed each other on the pathways.

great shots! thank you!

As I said before, I'm glad I'm able to share the experience...

I do not understand this at all. It's possibly because I'm naive, or I don't live in the US, let alone NYC, but .. would you mind explaining it to me? Thanks :)

Imagine a wintery park that's mostly drab with shades of brown and gray, with a gray city skyline in the background. Then imagine a shocking splash of brilliant orange spread across this park, waving gently in the breeze, seemingly alive in the landscape of dormant plants...

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To me it's the mark of a civilization's exuberant expression of culture. Look, we spend millions and involve literally thousands of people to mount an installation that has absolutely NO practical value. Why? Because it's whimsical. It's not necessary. And because since we spend a lot of money making war, maybe it's about time we spent some making art.

All you have to do is look at the expressions on the faces of the people. They understand. They feel better about the city, about themselves. It's priceless.

I linked in here from newboro and you have some incredible images of this exhibit. I then spent much time scanning your other works, which I enjoyed even more. Thanks for sharing all that you see.

Many thanks, kind of you to say.

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