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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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A Smoke

Here I am at De La Concha, on Sixth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets, sipping a cup of freshly brewed black French Roast coffee and smoking a $15.00 Paul Garmirian.

You know what Rudyard Kipling said: “A woman is only a woman, but a cigar is a smoke.”

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Nice picture. You look like a man of the sea in it, Captain. Good luck with Vittoria, I hope things work out well.

Thanks, mate! I hope so as well.

I love your look in this picture! and I agree with spamhater above... you look like a sea captain! It's sorta weird to see someone smoking inside a public place as most of Canada, or the cities I frequent and have lived in, have non-smoking by-laws now and we are forbidden to smoke anywhere except in our homes or outside ( I guess our cars too). The city I live in has even gone so far as to ban smoking in any kind of vehicle used in a business that employs people, even if you are the exclusive user of the vehicle.

ANYhow, .... Im' sending my best wishes and positive energy for you and Vittoria.

Many thanks for your kind words & wishes. Now, this place is a ritzy cigar and pipe emporium complete with a wooden statue of a Native American in ceremonial head dress guarding the front door. There's a lounge off to the side that serves coffee and permits customers to fire up their stogies. A very clubby, manly ambience. But then when I was there last night two women were smoking cigars with obvious pleasure, one of whom consented to take my picture!

I love this picture of you!

I'm thinking good thoughts at you and hoping there will be a happy new beginning for you and Vittoria.

As always I appreciate your encouragement and good wishes. I too hope this next chapter will be the beginning of many more...

But what would you rather have, a cigar or a woman?

I want the woman very much, but if I can't have her I'll settle for a Cohiba from Cuba and a cuppa java.

swoon. cigar, or woman : either wd tremble there, from the fire.

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