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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Under no circumstances shall I discuss the anniversary of my birth many years ago, because inevitably someone will ask me just how MANY years ago it happens to be. I will say, however, that on the stereo I'm playing a piece from the soundtrack of that marvelous motion picture, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" The song is by the Foggy Bottom Boys. "I am a man of constant sorrow." For those who don't know me very well, this is another example of my ironic humor. These days there is little for me to whine about. Especially when the household staff, at the direction of my most gracious hostess, presents me a generous portion of sweetness with which to celebrate.

happy birthday & buon compleanno & many happy returns of the day. :)

(excellent song from that soundtrack!)

Mille grazie...and I hope the same for you and yours. The other day when I was at Starbucks, three young black girls broke into singing another song from the movie: "As I went down in the river to pray..." ALL the verses.

Happy lessor feast to thee! When do you see Victoria?

Blessings upon thy birthday.

Many thanks for your good wishes! When Vittoria appears, I shall see her. If she does not, then I will wait.

Happy birthday! It doesn't matter much how many you've had so far, I don't think. It's more important to focus on the fact that you have survived to have another one, this one in particular. That's what birthdays are to me.

That looks delicious... lucky...

Thank you for your good thoughts. Actually I get a very warm feeling of satisfaction reflecting on the fact that all my elementary and high school tormentors are all either in prison, in mental institutions, or dead. And here I am!

Scrumptious! Happy birthday, friend.

felice compleanno signore john. i'm sure we are close to the same age of which i rarely keep count. my theory is if i haven't grown up by age 50, i don't have to. my mind is still early college days but my body tells me at times, it's not so. one thing i've learned is that my mind tells me i can do anything and it's my body that says, maybe not as it takes me longer to recover.
grazie for sharing your talents and gifts. buon appetito! ciao!

Many thanks for your kind words. I said more or less the same thing in reply to the birthday greetings of one of my friends back in Forio d' Ischia, to the effect that I feel like a little boy who suddenly finds himself trapped in an old coot's body.

But I do a LOT of walking around the island...and here in New York I think nothing of walking from here on Sutton Place all the way up to the area around Riverside Drive and West 89th Street, where I used to live, then all over Central Park, and then back. Gotta keep moving!

Happy day to you, sir!
I find it a miracle that I myself have survived this long and had I known, I would have taken better care of myself. Ah well, nothing left but to become cantankerous and whack errant bare legs with my cane.

There's always the life of the mind, my friend!

Celebrate, and enjoy. Wishing you many good things to come. There is much ahead, there is much joy.

Thanks much, chief. Yes, an abundance of joy.

(Deleted comment)
Yes, and a most moist, creamy, smooth, obscenely delicious cheesecake at that. I wouldn't have thought the two would work so well together.

Thank you! And so far it has been...don't want it to end!!

Growing Old Is No More Than a Bad Habit...Which a Busy Man Has No Time to Form - Maurois

Good day to you sir! I hope the best for you in the coming year. I have enjoyed you many fine photos...hope you do not mind if I keep observing.

Re: Growing Old Is No More Than a Bad Habit...Which a Busy Man Has No Time to Form - Maurois

Thank you for your good wishes. No, I don't mind your observing, that's exactly why I post! I love to share.

Good to hear from you again, thanks!

Happy Birthday, I look forward to many more years of your photography and wonderful writing.

Many thanks for your kind & generous words!

Buon compleanno, John! Cento di questi giorni!

Mille grazie! My wish is the same for you and yours...

Happy Day! as my goddessdaughter would say, in her oh so damn cute three year old way.

May your new year be filled with all good things. Much Love!

My most sincere thanks for your welcomed birthday greeting!