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John Palcewski's Journal

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Patrons of De La Concha

Rev. Al Sharpton and I are regular patrons of De La Concha. People on the street stop, peer through the window, break into smiles, wave, and he waves back. Over the course of an hour at least three come in with their cameras and ask if they may take his picture. Al nods, and poses. He doesn’t seem to mind the attention.

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(Deleted comment)

Re: these are fantastic

Thanks. He gave me all the time I wanted, and that's when you can get it right!

do you both sit there alone?

Sitting opposite him was a young man, likely one of his staff members, who talked a lot but took careful notes of Al's replies. I asked Al if he minded, and he said no, and posed, but I said please continue as if I'm not here. He understood.

so how long are you staying in that crazy, bursting-with-life&bigness place?
do you miss Italy?

I'll be here until the 27th of March, unless something comes up. Eventually, however, I'll get back to Italy because I AM homesick!

My impression was he is acutely intelligent, fully aware of everything around him, and tolerant. He never turns away all those fans of his who wish to shake his hand, or even have a picture taken with him. He's a kind and tolerant man, but one who will never allow someone to take advantage of him. I liked him, and enjoyed seeing him in action, up close.

I wish during that shoot I had my big camera, which unfortunately is now in the repair shop.

I bet Al would love that first picture. You really captured him well.

So what's Al like? Nice guy?

Yes, very nice. But not a pushover! He radiates power and self confidence, in a good way. A natural leader.

So how did he ever get caught up in the Tawana Brawley hoax? I lost all respect for him after that one.

Hmm...so who else hangs out there? Somehow it seems like Al hangs there to actually meet people and get noticed.

Yes, that was a rather unfortunate lapse of judgment on his part, I'd forgotten about it. And yes, he seemed to like all the attention he was getting. As for others, last week I saw an African American guy, tall and well-built, who looked very familiar. I think he was a wide receiver for some major NFL team but I couldn't place him.

O.J. Simpson :)

I bet him and Al get along great.

Just where is that cigar place anyway?

Meanwhile, I'm down the street from Nat Sherman. If I had any reason to be a cigar smoker, that would be a great place to check out.

De La Concha is on Sixth Avenue, near 57th Street, right at the entrance to the subway. I'll have to look up Nat Sherman. When I was at my place yesterday a woman sitting at a nearby table smoking a cigarette gave me a cold, hard stare, like: What is a guy like YOU doing in a place like this? I guess she didn't like my sweatshirt, jeans, and loafers among the others who were in Gucci, Armani, etc. I smiled because actually I do enjoy pissing off elitist prigs like her.

Hmm....is the place new? it's right across the street from Carnegie Hall? I have never noticed it before. Maybe I'm just not in the market for cigars?

Now, Nat Sherman as far as I know is just a place to buy cigars, cigarettes and accessories. It is right across the street from the NYC Public Library.


I did notice yesterday that due to the nicer weather, people were starting to hang out on the library steps. Now that makes for great photo opportunities and people watching.

I'm still intrigued with this Al Sharpton thing.

As for elitist pigs, let the woman fuck off. It's NYC.

Did you give her a cold, hard stare back?

I don't think De La Concha is new, but you can't miss it. There's a big wooden Indian...or I should say Native American..in ceremonial eagle feather head dress standing guard at the door. As for the woman, I ignored her. Didn't want her to think I cared.

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