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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Patrons of De La Concha

Rev. Al Sharpton and I are regular patrons of De La Concha. People on the street stop, peer through the window, break into smiles, wave, and he waves back. Over the course of an hour at least three come in with their cameras and ask if they may take his picture. Al nods, and poses. He doesn’t seem to mind the attention.

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Sitting opposite him was a young man, likely one of his staff members, who talked a lot but took careful notes of Al's replies. I asked Al if he minded, and he said no, and posed, but I said please continue as if I'm not here. He understood.

so how long are you staying in that crazy, bursting-with-life&bigness place?
do you miss Italy?

I'll be here until the 27th of March, unless something comes up. Eventually, however, I'll get back to Italy because I AM homesick!

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