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John Palcewski's Journal

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South Ferry

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I've never been on a ferry, but it looks like a fun experience. I love that second picture, the captain looks oh-so-comfortable. I wonder if he realizes how phallic that huge rod looks with him standing there. lol

He didn't notice, but I sure did! I suspect that thing is used as a visual aid when he approaches the dock. Lining the boat up properly. A very smooth operation. And BTW, I was surprised to learn that the Staten Island Ferry is FREE. No fare required. When I lived here many years ago it cost as much as the bus & subway. But now, the travel bargain of the century!

Wow, that's cool. For a girl from a little farm town in the middle of the frozen tundra, having a boat ride as part of your daily commute seems like something out of a ferry (ha) tale

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