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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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At Home

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I love this picture set! Keep them coming!! :)

Some are less creepy than others! It's relative.

What do you think he's pouring? Gin? Vodka? Margarita mix? A cyanide cocktail for his wife?

You naughty voyeur, you.

What sort of creep mounts his camera on a tripod, shuts off all the lights, and spies on his neighbors? I mean come on! My vote is for vodka, in those huge gallon bottles that have to be replaced very two days. No cyanide for the missus, since she's the one who goes to the liquor store.

i hope he washed his hands after he blew his nose.

My careful observation leads me to conlude this guy is very meticulous in both thought and behavior, and most certainly did.

ohh. i love looking in peoples windows too!

Strictly speaking I've violated their privacy, but then I'm not going out of my way to make them look bad. Just natural. Apartment dwellers like these folks are perfectly aware that they can be seen clearly by a multitude of others, and those who do not wish to be seen draw the curtains.

love these. if only i had neighbours i cd see.

A good writing exercise would be to imagine secretly photographing characters you've made up. What do they do when they think nobody is looking?

This series is so thought provoking.....

I wonder what their lives are like?

Do they ever enjoy an evening in sweatpants?

Are they happy?

Enquiring minds will never know...... ;)

My guess is that these folks are basically happy. They've been together for ages, and there's a certain dignified, civilized aspect to their dinner preparations. They invariably eat by candlelight, just the two of them, sometimes there in the kitchen, or at other times in the dining room, in which case the gentleman wears a tie and jacket.

This series is five hundred times fantastic. I love watching people from apartment windows.

You can see a lot, and imagine a lot more!

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