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John Palcewski's Journal

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Only God Knows

Tom. He will not disclose his last name. Nor his occupation. Shortly after I took this photo at De La Concha earlier this afternoon his cell phone rang. "Da?" he said gruffly. And after a pause he launched into a long discussion. In Russian. Afterward he reached in his satchel and took out some photographs of his Harley. And his wife, a stunning tall slim blonde. He says she's a principal dancer at the Bolshoi in Moscow. Every performance is a sellout.

The rest of us just had to wonder. What in God's name is a beauty like that doing with a guy like HIM?

Only God knows.

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Man, it always works like that. The most disgusting guy at your work has a hot wife.

maybe they're secretly nice people or the hot wife's a bitch.

If he rides a harley and speaks russian he deserves to have a woman like that. Just the harley alone is sexy enough. Russian? Wow

Harley's are so cheap-- it'd be a lot less hassle to just go buy my own harley and take lessons in Russian... men must be really deluded if they think that's all it takes to get a cute gal... :)

Oh please, oldest trick in the book between guys!

Weirdo guy whips out photos of a beautiful woman then tells guy 2 she's a swimsuit model/ballerina/porn star, whatever he thinks might be impressive. I'm really surprised it hasn't progressed to whipping out wheenies and getting rulers out.

Women have the dignity to use the name brand of the purse they're slinging or shoes. Although in evenings and off the work clock, it has been known to come down to who has the most clevage or will pretend to be more bi/make out with the most women, to determine dominance...

Silly humans. We should grow anters and battle it out like elk or something and get it all over with. :)

Funny, I knew a guy who ran a BBS who invented this whole persona for a 'girlfriend' that he was having a supposed relationship with, created a fake account for her and so forth, and eventually provided some pics.. turns out his 'girlfriend' was Elsa Benitez, a model who starred in a Taco Bell commercial. Much hilarity ensued and he started banning people from his BBS for laughing at him about it.

This post has no point.


My favorite bar used to be near a hostel here in California (it was a GREAT hostel,) and all the european guys would get their photos taken with the most beautiful women they could find, preferably in the least amount of clothing possible, like bikini tops. They would even ask the women to take off the tops and take off bras and take off bikini tops for the photos, right in the middle of the bar or on the street.

It was pretty obvious what they'd be saying and doing with the photos when they returned home. :)

"Oh yah, I did her, and her, and this beauty is the world's champion surfer and I did her, and..."

Both sexes do it. Just in different ways. :)


Ballet dancers, Russian or not... don't earn much money.

I am affraid you are wrong. Russian ballet stars are very reach people.

Assuming His Story Is True...

Some women are turned on by symbols of male homoeroticism (just as many straight men are turned on by any hint of Lesbianism), and are thus attracted to bear-like guys who suck on big cigars.

What in God's name is a beauty like that doing with a guy like HIM?

I'll tell you what she's doing. Giving men hope is what she's doing, God bless her.

My boyfriend is also a big gruff teddy-bear sort of man. Or maybe like a big dog. His bark is so much worse than his bite.

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