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John Palcewski's Journal

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Ivan's Slavic Temperament

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i don't think Ivan is buying Tom's beautiful russianballerina wife story or up for a ride on his fatboy....not today anyway.

Indeed, Ivan's skepticism is part of his Slav mentality, along with a certain self-possession that comes with a wool Vercace suit, a diamond-encrusted Rolex, and a Cuban. Hey, wait a minute! Those cigars are illegal, so how does he get them? Don't ask.

yes, i sense a certain tension..an invisible sign reading..'don't touch'...about him. i thought the suit might be a versace or hugoboss, and also that his time could only be measured by a rolex...diamond studded. would have loved to have a glimpse of him with the dark glasses on...oh, my!

...tom does not seem to move a muscle when ivan's glare is in his direction...and yet the moment 'you' have ivan's attention...tom flirts with his momentous escape...however brief. the posture of the alpha male is certain.

enjoyed this one much.

...and your Dr. Sam thought *you* looked like a terrorist...

I need to go to the Plaza Hotel and thank one of the doormen who, when I asked him where in the neighborhood I might get some good cigars, said there was this place called De La Concha on Sixth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets, you can't miss it, it's got an Indian statue by the door. There's just no telling who might come in, sit down, and light up.

Explain the smoking indoors?

There's a city ordinance that says something to the effect that if a certain percentage of a shop or a lounge's revenue comes from selling tobacco, you are entitled to allow smoking on the premises. I understand there is a jazz lounge somewhere in the neighborhood where when you enter you have to buy a cigar--a good one, of course--and that's like a cover charge.

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