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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Innovation In Debt Collection

Today, we are thrilled to award the inaugural De La Concha Prizes For Business and Innovation. Standing before you is Tom, sans ballerina wife, glowing after having bestowed the award for “Innovation in Debt Collection” to a trusted “business associate”. Tom’s associate, having leveraged Tom’s proprietary “debt repayment and enforcement methodology” received a match to symbolize the new Harley that will soon light up his life.

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how do we know it was the harley and not the beautifulrussianballerina wife?

...or was she used to pay his cigar tab?

Who Is that Masked Man?

There are so many stories floating around in the fragrant blue smoke of De La Concha's lounge that it's hard to remember which came from whom. It doesn't matter, though, because when I get back to Italy next week and put them into my novel-in-progress I'll have to give all these guys different names. Especially Ivan's.

this guy with the big gums and jacket...he's the one i saw.

That's Lonn, a physician who is deeply involved in some big medical marketing project, and who reportedly is very close to "being fully funded," according to the last report I got from a DLC cohort. When they started in with the financial stuff I tuned out because it just doesn't interest me. The other guy is Tom Johannsen, a freelance financial writer and consultant. I used to tune him out as well, but then we'd talk about our days in the Armed Forces of the United States. Him in the Army, and me in both the Air Force and the US Navy Reserve.

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