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John Palcewski's Journal

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Dream From Sorgeto

title or description

A call in the middle of the night. I struggle to rise out of unconsciousness. It is Vittoria, but I can’t quite understand what she is saying.
“Do you miss me?” she says.
“Did I wake you?”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s all right.”
“So do you miss me?”
“I try not to,” I reply.
“But admit it. You miss me.”
I hear a rushing noise in the background. “Where are you calling from?”
“Sorgeto. The place where the boiling water comes out of the rocks on the shore. I told you about it, remember?”
“Yes. The fumerole.”
“I want to tell you about the dream I had while I was napping just a few minutes ago.”
“Oh, no. Not another dream.”
“Yes. It was verrrrry strange. Do you want to hear it”
“Did I die in it?”
“No! Don’t say that.”
“All right, then. Tell me.”
“I’m in a hospital, in a bright white room after surgery. A blonde woman named Veronica Lake comes into the room.”
“The movie actress?”
“I never heard of any actress by that name. Anyway, Veronica tells me: ‘You must continue The Tradition.’ And it makes me happy.”
“Veronica Lake was a movie actress in the 40s and 50s.”
“She was?”
“Yes. And she told you what?”
“That I must continue The Tradition.”
“Yes. So what do you think it means?”
“Don’t ask me. Only you can know what your dreams mean.”
“Come on. You’re the writer.”
“I’ll have to think about it for a while.”
“All right. Now tell me,” she says. “Do you…”



* * *

A rare aside from the author:

OK, class, any interpretations of Vittoria's dream?




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dreamy dream dreeeeeeam.

I have weird dreams all the time. I don't know what to make of them, usually, but if they upset me or stay with me, I plunge headfirst into the world of the New Age.

I'd have to know her to give any decent opinions. But! My friend the dream dictionary told me some things.

Veronica Lake. No clue who that is, but an actress in a dream can represent a medium or a channel. So who should would be channelling is really up to her to figure out. A family member or a friend, maybe?

Surgery and a hospital reflects how your state of mind affects your health. Since she made a point of saying it was white, that's good. White is a good color. It means hope and faith and healing and other fuzzy, happy things.

She mentioned that the Veronicaperson was blonde. So, yellow. Which means intellect or enlightenment.

But, yeah. Like you said... she's the only one who can put the pieces together.

Re: dreamy dream dreeeeeeam.

I'll have to give you an A + on that one, lass!

May I try? Wasn't Veronica Lake in an old film about witchcraft? I remember the opening scene as an execution of a witch, maybe by burning, and then she's reborn in modern times (in the 40's I think). Something I saw many many years ago on TV. She was so beautiful.

Excellent! And thanks.

A couple Google clicks elicited this info:

I Married a Witch
USA. 1942.
Director - Rene Clair, Screenplay - Marie Connelly & Robert Pirosh, Based on the Novel The Passionate Witch by Thorne Smith (Completed by Norman Matson), Photography (b&w) - Ted Tetzlaff, Music - Roy Webb, Photographic Effects - Gordon Jennings, Art Direction - Hans Dreier & Ernst Fegte. Production Company - Masterpiece Productions.

Veronica Lake (Jennifer), Frederic March (T. Wallace Wooley Jr), Cecil Kellaway (Daniel), Robert Benchley (Dudley), Susan Heyward (Estelle Masterson)

This is the film that inspired the television series, Bewitched. The witch is played by sultry Veronica Lake who started a hairstyle craze where a swatch of hair would cover one eye. The film is light, funny entertainment.

Plot: In the 17th century, the witch Jennifer and her father are burnt at the stake by the statesman Wooley. Before she dies she places a curse on Wooley, that he and his ancestors will all be unhappy in marriage. In the 20th century their spirits emerge from an ash tree planted on the site of their burning. Jennifer becomes charmed with Wallace, the latest Wooley descendent, who is about to become unhappily married. And so she fashions herself a body and sets about inducing him to marry her.

Oh yes, that's the one. I remember enjoying it very much. Thanks for the info!

My romantic mind needs more details. Or perhaps I shall add them myself, thus giving my interpretation, or at least attempting to.

Ok, from what I know, Veronica Lake had a very troubled time of things. She was very demanding and asked a lot of everyone around her. Somewhat like how you describe Vittoria. Though you give Vittoria more of a lovable/human edge. You make her so she is not hate-able by making her somewhat childish in her decisions. I get the impression she has never grown up because of all of those around her. So there might be a correlation there?

But, that aside . . . perhaps when Veronica comes in she is dressed as a witch and is very kind and caring to Vittoria. She comes close to her and sits upon the bed and gently brushes the hair out of her face. Then leaning closer she whispers that she must continue the tradition.

So then, Vittoria is left feeling as if she has someone with her, someone who will not desert her as others have. Or at least that is how she feels, or could feel. Because she appears to be constantly searching for the one who will understand her and make her feel loved unconditionally.

I guess then, perhaps the dream could be considered quite a few things? Including perhaps Vittoria coming to terms and accepting herself for who and what she is ?

I don’t know, I think I’ve started to ramble !

Re: My Rambling Turn. ;)

Not rambling, but loving and sweet and perceptive. Many thanks!

while all that is true and valid, there's more here.

actress; one who acts a part
but can still point the Way with her words.

Nice white room; good.

Surgery; cutting away unneccessary or harmful things so that change can occur and life can return to health and positives.
Still a painful process however.
Entirely analogous to any of the initiation/adulhood/realisation ceremonies you can think of.

Veronica Lake; 'True' and 'water' (espicially still and deep (land-locked! - so still not quite free to give complete rein to its nature) water.

Coupled with - Vittoria rings you to tell of this dream from a place where the waters burst out of the earth in a most determined and forceful way. Their nature will no longer be contained.

the Tradition? Vittoria is a stregha of the waters.
These are particularly concerned with the care of the emotions.
She has ben re-born (surgery and physical loss)
and can now become strong enough to fulfil her role in the universe; one who helps others through emotional crises

'You're the writer' - you're the one with the words to help her realise, crystallise and recognise her need and her role consciously, in words and thoughts.

Blessed Be

Re: well, yes. And...

Fabulous! I love it! Many thanks for your analysis...

any time;
positive outcomes assured!
blessed be

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