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John Palcewski's Journal

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The Encroachment of the New

When I encountered this scene in Manhattan a few weeks ago I thought it was a perfect metaphor of the old struggling mightily against the encroachment of the new.

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I love this picture! I would definitely love to go to that pub .. I think it looks darling! :)

What an absolutly beautiful old building. All I can think is they should rip out those ugly window AC units.

That is the one constant in New York: change. What is a landmark, and what is expendable? Bye, Pennsylvania Station.

If that stadium goes up, I swear I will never, ever set foot in it.

What a strange, and somewhat sad dichotomy.

That place looks positively warm and welcoming dispite the encroaching concrete beasties!


this is beautiful! gallery time, me thinks.
so striking! and your composition is perfection to me~
i would love a full sized poster for my living room- i love it.

It looks to be little more than half the width of a standard Manhattan row house. The neighboring developers must have spent small fortunes just propping up the old walls. I'd imagine there's more than one odd tale connected with that place.

... and how quickly New York starts to look like everywhere else in America. A wonderful photograph of a frustrating pattern.

yes the historic society versus sumi-sized developers.

i thought the same thing walking around town and noticing these wonderful old architectural delights wallpapered with signage up the wazoo. stacked irreverantly as high as the eye could see.

would have liked to see an old photo of connolly's before it lost it's supporing spouse and mistress.

i read somewhere that there is a very tiny building in NY is it this one?

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