John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Dream Interpretation, Please!

My dream about Maria last night: She is beside me in bed, open and loving. I lean over and kiss her. “Now,” I say, “I’ve got to take care of the fish.” She smiles dreamily and nodds and says, "Va bene, caro..."

She knows fish is my euphemism for a large dolphin (or maybe it's a small whale), and my job up on the teak deck of the yacht is to gut it, dispose of the offal, and slice up the rich red meat. I set to work. To my surprise it's easy. I quickly pull out all the fatty white intestines, toss them off the starboard side, and then start with a big knife. When I'm through I hose down the deck. There, on a platter, is a nice pile of fillets.

Then the scene changes. Maria, my little sweetpea, stands at a tall vertical window overlooking a formal 17th Century English garden, and I come up behind her. She’s wearing a transparent shortie night gown. When I touch her she whimpers in sexual arousal. Yes, she loves me! Yes, indeed. I gently lift her nightie and kiss her tenderly on her lovely firm little tush.

I have a pretty clear idea what this represents. But I'm interested in what YOU think it means. Let me know!


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