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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus isn’t getting any smaller. At present it’s 556 pages consisting of 215,352 words, and in the next two months it’ll likely grow to around 700 or 800 pages. Oh, well.

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Is that your writing space? Very nice!

Yes, that table is directly behind me as I tap on this computer. It's a small room, but sufficient. MORE than sufficient!

I'm jealous. Must remind self to get past all the mental blocks and simply write, so I too can have a pile of pages.

I read somewhere that a writer needs to be a tyrant standing over himself with a whip. Persistence and determination are entirely more important than talent.

o my goodness! but you can't cut out what's necessary to be said! go on! good luck!

I prefer to think of the rewrite as a process not of cutting but rather of distillation!

Ah, the weighty tome. I am most impressed and not one bit envious of its heft. No, sir, not me. Not in the least. Salut!

Thanks! I recall that Anthony Trollope cranked out 1,000 words each morning before he went to work. "Dogged is what does it," he said.

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