John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Progress Report

At my poolside table at The Hotel Royal Palm yesterday, with an espresso doppio con latte caldo and a small bottle of sparkling water, I reviewed my progress on the novel.

To date I’ve completed sixteen chapters, a total of 67,351 words. This is a bit more than a third of the way toward a projected length of 180,000 words.

At my current rate of production, I estimate I’ll conclude the final chapter around the end of January. At which time I’ll pack up the massive ms and hop on a flight to New York.

Four months from now. Huzza! Hooray!

* * *

By the way, on another topic, I wonder if any of you who last year received a CD of my imagenovel “Vittoria’s Island” might do me a favor and burn a copy and send it to me? By stupid inadvertence I tossed out my remaining VI copies with a pile of old discs. Thanks.

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