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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Five years after first setting foot on this island I have completed the first draft of DROWNING. Thirty-three chapters, 148,890 words. Let's just call it 150,000. Vittoria! (Italian for victory!)

Congratulations to you -- and enjoy that cigar :D

Grazie! You know what they say. A woman is a woman, but a cigar is a SMOKE.

Yay! Congrats John! And nice to see you. : )

Thanks! Glad to see you survived all the bad weather!

congarts! and you are looking good, too :)

Yes, let's just call it 150,000.

By the time I get it printed out it might just get rounded out to 175,000. We live in age of spin & hype, so what the hell!

Woooooooohooot! Congratulationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns!


Congrats, John!
I cant wait to read the final work.
Enjoy that cigar -- you deserve it. Must feel great to finially get it done!

I hate writing. But I absolutely LOVE having written!

:D Golly. Congratulations. That is amazing.

Yes, amazing. Hard to believe, but by God there it is.

(Deleted comment)
Flattery of this kind will get you EVERYWHERE. Thanks!

You look happy and relaxed. Congratulations!

You might say this was/is a peak experience. Thanks!

Congratulations, and good luck finding a publisher. If you don't find one, will there still be a way that your adoring public will be able to read it?

The absolute last resort will be to publish the damned thing myself. Print on demand or something like that. Hope it doesn't come to that!

You look so happy. I'm glad you finally finished it. I'll make sure to have a drink for you this evening, or a cigar if I am so lucky. :)