John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Tom, You've Made My Day

Yesterday I hiked to the top of Punta Imperatore and gazed down at the sea lapping gently on the rocks far below. Then continued my journey southward on the coast of the island to the “secret” bay of Sorgeto, where a boiling thermal spring feeds the sea. You may sit there among the rocks and feel heat on one side, and the coolness of the Mediterranean on the other. Ancient Greek and Roman aristocrats came here often. They said these waters are curative.

Meanwhile, my friend Tom—who as it turns out is the first person on the planet to read my novel DROWNING—sent his reactions. To wit:

John, now that I am about to start ch. 21, I understand the confusion between Judy and Jodie. Fuck, this is taking me in. I really haven’t been this engaged by anything in years. It helps that I have watched at least a small part of it unfold.

And then later:

I finished the ms this morning – couldn’t put the fucking thing down. Thanks for making me look good.

The ending blew me away. I had no idea how you were going to conclude, and I think you pulled it together the only way possible. This was incredibly engaging, though I’m probably to close to it. I just couldn’t stop.

Thanks, my friend! You’ve made my day.


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