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John Palcewski's Journal

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Storia in Ceramica

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All I can make out on the plaque is that on 5 May 2002 John Paul II visited Ischia...??? Does the plaque mark where he stood?

Yes, he was on his throne set up near the steps of the Soccorso Chapel. I got a single shot of him in his Popemobile not too far from the site. I was about to take more, but a big guy suddenly stepped in front of me, blocking my view. By the time I got clear, the parade had already passed. Oh, well.

I remember that day. I was near the Pope, on the platform, singing and playing "'O Sole mio". 6.000 boys... Oh God! The Pope will say, in the next days after this event, in the Vatican's rooms: "Oh, Ischia, what a beuatiful land! The Sun, the boys, the paradisiac atmosphere...". He will speak about Ischia for a month. This said to me the Pope's secretary Mons. Stanislaw Dziwisz.

John Paul II visited Forio...

So, my friend, I proceed to comment your photos.

Photos #1, #2
I posted a comment in the previous entries about this stone cross. It stays where a small chapel built. This chapel collapsed with the church's dome in 1883 by the earthquake.
The picture represents the "Pietà", the moment when Jesus, dead, stays in the Mary's arms, before the burial.

Photos #4, #5
Moments from the painful mysteries of the Rosary, below the five black crosses.

Photo #6
St. Augustine writing, with a burning heart: the God's love.

Photo #7
St. Peter with the Paradise's keys.

Photo #8
"May, 05. 2002, the boys of Ischia,
receiving with joy in this place,
the Holy Father John Paul II,
saw the sunset turning in cheerful dawn,
and the green ray of their hopes
certainty of new civilization."
The Municipality of Forio
in memory of the historical event.

Re: John Paul II visited Forio...

I am glad you are providing this valuable information! I will continue to post pictures and I welcome you to continue as long as you wish.

Hi John
Like your photos and information. Lovely area your telling us about.
I think if we stayed away from politics I could like you...

In other words, in your eyes I'm okay as long as I just take pictures and ignore what scum Fascists like Karl Rove and the rest of the Republican slime machine are doing to subvert the core principles of the US Constitution, i.e., separation of powers, congressional oversight, and judicial review. Sorry. If America is going to be brought down by these corrupt money grubbers, I'd prefer to speak out rather than to be silent, and thus seen as complicit.

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