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John Palcewski's Journal

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Stirring of Love

I think it’s time to take a break from the lying Fascist propaganda that has overwhelmed Washington and indeed much of the rest of the world. Politicians--and memoir writers--lie repeatedly on TV and in the newspapers, day after day. The toxic barrage is just too depressing. Much better to recall spring in Napoli. And to believe that one soon will enjoy the warmth of sunlight, and the stirring of love.

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I appreciate these pictures in an intellectual capacity but why you had to republish them now -- it wounds me.

In going through my photo files I suddenly realized how deep into the slime of the culture of toxic LIES that I have allowed myself to sink. It was only a few months ago that I walked the streets with my camera, feeling a lightness and contentment in capturing a spontaneous act of love. It's the total opposite of what I, as a journalist news junkie, am immersed in every day as I scroll through the Washington Post, The New York Times, and the blogs.

It wounds me, too.

Yeah, I can understand that. I unsubscribed from a lot of mailing lists and decided to take an extended break from paying close attention to politics after the election. Irresponsible perhaps, but my mental health comes first such as it is.

It wounded me because I was drunk and the images made me jealous, though. Very uncomplicated. :)

I haven't had a chance to tell you this before... But I absolutely LOVE and LOOK FORWARD to each and everyone of your posts.

I feel like a fangirl.. ;)

Mille grazie! Nice of you to say...

The sensations, the feelings and the life are bound together by the time. As time goes on the perceptions aren't the same. Everytime you re-post a photo we live in another world of sensations and we see again the colors, the subject, the shades as different and we elaborate new mental emotions.
Thanx John.

Maestro! You're right. The Napoli revisitation provides me new insights, a separate and unique experience. Again.

Gorgeous, and healing.

Amor vincit omnia!

Ahhh, to have a love like that ..

As long as we can still breathe and think, it comes...

My pessimism this year is, perhaps, beyond healing...and while turning away from the bad news and smiling and forgetting and contemplating spring in Napoli is, in a way, conceding - letting the bad guys win - I am nothing without my sanity, and need to save myself to fight another day. Thanks for the encouragement in that direction. Bring on the purty pickshurs! :b

I spoke merely of a break, like about ten minutes. I have no intention of going silent and letting those lying Fascist Republican slime bastards win. No way, Jose.

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