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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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February 2, 1882

“The life of the artist, but particularly that of Joyce, differs from the lives of other persons in that its events are becoming artistic sources even as they command his present attention. Instead of allowing each day, pushed back by the next, to lapse into imprecise memory, he shapes again the experiences which have shaped him. He is at once the captive and the liberator. In turn the process of reshaping experience becomes a part of his life, another of its recurrent events like rising or sleeping…”

--Richard Ellmann

A belated happy birthday, my beloved distant cousin! I thought of you yesterday…

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It's worth googling for his love letters to Nora, if you haven't already read them.

"Ulysses", I love it.

What’s about? Certainly a masterpiece, but in the Italian translation it loses the phonetic assonances and much more. Joyce perceived when he lived in Italy and frequented the Saba Library. It’s the same when you are reading Dante in English language. So I tried to read it in English language. I spent a summer to read, with a lot of wonderful textual analyses. Really an emotion, hard to translate, impossible to know thoroughly without a classical culture. It confuses our false certitudes we have in our life.

Italo Svevo said: “This reading isn’t for absent-minded reading public”. A work which unhinges, surprises, wraps, irritates, bores, amuses… The last novel in the novel’s history.

I can’t forget that “YES” at the end of the “wife’s soliloquio”, at the novel’s end… never.

Maestro, as you well know I would love to read Dante in the original, but I'm still struggling to master English!

And I would love understand the whole "Divina Commedia", but I'm afraid to open it again. It's better an English translation :).

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