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John Palcewski's Journal

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Concerto Fantasynatale, 26 dicembre 1999, Basilica Santa Maria di Loreto, Forio.
Direttore musicale maestro Peppino Iacono.

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Wow, in this moment I'd like to tell something about the time, but let's pass over this point! *smile*

The photos represent a moment of our theatrical concerts that we have every year in particular occasions. That's Christmas 1999.
I didn't remember this concert and this morning it was a surprise for me to see the pics. Thank you for you gift, may I download these photo to use them in my LJ? I'd like to create a special comment about.
In the center of the first photo, there is Luciano, my son; here he was 6 years old. Since he was 3 years old, he was acting and singing and in 2001 he partecipated on the RAI TV to a musical program with Mike Bongiorno: "Bravo, Bravissimo!". He sang and he was the first between 20 candidates with a popular neapolitan song: "Zazà".
The "monk" you see with the thurible is the Baritone Gaetano Maschio, the most famous Ischia's singer. He is the artistic director of the Fantasynapoli, the theatrical company whose musical director I am.
With Gaetano Maschio we are traveling around the world. The last year we was in Argentine and Germany, the next year we'll be in San Pedro, California and Osaka, Japan.

Near me you can see a part of my orchestra, in that moment they were 15 players and 15 singers (the woman with the white shawl is my wife who sings in my choir as soprano). The scene represents the adoration's moment, when Jesus was born and my son is one of the angels who give the announcement.
In the neapolitan crib there isn't time-line. You can find ancient and modern characters like this monk or a lot of old neapolitan trades and in the meantime you note the Jewish police of Herod and the three Magi. We always play about this situation and create a divertissement that induces the people to reflect upon the event.

The audio file you sent to me, named 02.mp3 is "Ave o grotta". The lyrics are by Mons. Mazzella, a Forio's priest, S. Vito parish (1890 - 1942).
The music is an old Christmas motive (1700) which you can find only at Forio.

I try to translate the first part of the text to give you an idea of the logical sense.

"Ave o grotta all'immortale
generosa fosti tu
e Betlemme inospitale
negò un tetto al mio Gesù
In te avvolto in rozzi panni
sento il pargolo vagir
ma v'è pace in tra gli affanni
va v'è gioia in fra i martir"

"Ave, oh cave of the immortal
you were generous,
and Bethlehem, inhospitable,
denied a shelter to my Jesus.
You were wrapped in the rough material
and you are crying.
Is there peace when you worry yourself?
Is there joy when you are going to suffer the Martyrdom?

As you know, this is Lullaby by Brahms. The singer is soprano Antonella Iacono. The text is a free translation from the Germany Language.

Lyrics and Music by my Grandfather Giuseppe Colella. Choral. The title: "Dormi, Bambin!" ("Sleep, my Baby!").

Also here I try to translate the first verse to give you a logical sense of the text.

"Dormi Bambin se fischian fieri i venti
Se il fieno punge e il freddo dà tormenti
Maria ti culla e bacia, nessun, nessun ti sveglia,
Dormi, Dormi o mio Redentore."

"Sleep, my Baby, whether the winds are whistling,
whether the hay is prickly and the cold is tormenting,
Mary is dandling and kissing, nobody will awake you,
Sleep, sleep, oh my Redeemer!"

This is "Nell'umile Capanna" ("Into the poor hut") By Pietro Yon, american composer, my grandfather's friend. He sent this melody in the far 1935.
Pietro Yon (1886-1943), American organist and composer of Italian birth. In 1927 he was appointed organist (later also choir director) at St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York; he held that post until his death. A virtuoso player, Yon is credited with being the first organist in New York to play complete programs from memory, and the first to charge money for admission to his recitals.

The Lyrics:

"Nell'umile capanna, al freddo e povertà
è nato il bel bambin Gesù
che ognuno adorerà,
Hosanna, Hosanna..."

"Into the poor hut, cold and humble,
Jesus was born,
the baby, we are going to adore,
Hosanna, Hosanna..."

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