John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Le Variazioni del Corno

My dear friend Maestro Peppino Iacono, known here as goldhands, writes:

"I hope your contemplation on this isola verde is only enlightened like the real situation of Moses and not with horns (because the horns, by our italian tradition, mean that your wife or girlfriend is unfaithful to you, and in this situation the italians say: "cornuto", but I know that isn't your situation, this is only an explanation about an italian word, nothing to offend you) *smile*"

I reply:

"Verrrry interesting! And it's curious, isn't it?, how a derivative of coronet or, similarly, cornucopia, evolved into the word cuckold. I shall continue to contemplate this linguistic mystery throughout the morning, as I sit at a table at Bar Roxy, with my espresso and sweet, cream-filled cornetto..."

Maestro further brightens my morning with an additional post of friendship and generosity:

"In the meantime another gift for you: Saint-Saens Rondò Capriccioso. Peppino Iacono piano, Mauro Rossi violin. Christmas, 2005, Santa Maria di Loreto, here."

(Be patient, it takes a while for the music to download.)


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