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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Palcewski's Novella Is Now Online

* * *

Online literary magazine Unlikely Stories has just published my novella, "Precise, Literal, Unforgiving." It's about a guy's doomed, convoluted romantic involvement with a Philadelphia Main Line Ph.D. psychotherapist, who tells him, "My God, you are even more of a process junkie than I am!" Read all of it here.

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It was a fabulous day. Maestro drove me on his motorino to the other side of the island, to the library of the convent of San Antonio, where I photographed a painting of Vittoria Colonna by Jules-Joseph Lefebvre. Vittoria, a most famous Renaissance poet and friend of Michaelanglo, lived a long time in a castle here on Ischia. In the following days I'll be posting lots of images of the painting and other interesting things we saw in the convent.

By the way, I spent a couple years in Minneapolis...Hopkins, actually. One winter it went down to 30 degrees below zero, NOT wind-chill, but overall temperature. Six feet of snow outside. But I have fond memories of the place. Minneapolis is of the most squared-away cities I've ever lived in. Great cultural infrastructure. Plus there was (maybe still is?) Garrison Kielor, who used to broadcast on PBS....

Sounds like a grand time.... and I hope you are enjoying the warmth for us up here. :D

The Twin Cities (Mpls/St Paul) are a lovely place to live. I love having all the culture and ethnic diversity all around.

Yes Garrison Kielor is still doing The Prairie Home Companion Show from down town St Paul.... I really should get tickets to catch that some time.

(I have had a couple moments of eyeing him in person at the local food co-op.... great voice and very tall)

Take care.


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