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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Palcewski's Novella Is Now Online

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Online literary magazine Unlikely Stories has just published my novella, "Precise, Literal, Unforgiving." It's about a guy's doomed, convoluted romantic involvement with a Philadelphia Main Line Ph.D. psychotherapist, who tells him, "My God, you are even more of a process junkie than I am!" Read all of it here.

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there is always something to learn...

Did I know that a woman requires at least 20 minutes of non-genital foreplay before she's ready?

OH! Thank you! *smile*

Re: there is always something to learn...

Maestro, I've been a student of this particular subject all my natural life, and I'm beginning to believe that 99 percent of what I think I know about it is merely part of an elaborate smoke screen women throw up to keep themselves hidden from scrutiny.

Re: there is always something to learn...

I entirely read the novel. And, that's happened when I'm enraptured, clicking the next button to continue till the end. What I think about your novel is hard to explain in English, I should translate italian words that are very difficult to find into a normal dictionary, but I'm able to resume them with one word: sublime. As regards the relationship you described, when we'll be together I'll tell you why you have said right in this quote of yours:Unlike Freud, Moravia knew exactly what women wanted! I assent to your statement.

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