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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Our Beloved Vittoria

Main reading room, library of the convent of Sant Antonio, Ischia
Ponte. I instantly recognize the famous portrait, even from the
distance of the entrance.

"Diva Vittoria Colonna", Jules-Joseph Lefebvre.
Oil on canvas, circa 1861.

Details of portrait behind LJ cut.

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that is a stunning. i'd love to see it for myself. thanks for the details...

Absolutely beautiful.
Thank you as always for sharing.

beautiful-those eyes-those lips

what an amazing painting....

The painter is amazing at those eyes, the necklace, crown and sleaves.


Thank you for sharing.... :)

The fresco represents Card. Baladassare Cossa, alias Pope (or perhaps anti-Pope, but it's still all to discuss) John XXIII. I'm preparing a topic in my catheolog about the life of this great condottiere who was born at Ischia.

It's incredible the reality which is present in this portrait. When I said to you: "Please, photograph the eyes!", I didn't believe that we had this result. I'm able to see the tears and, like a mirror, also into the right eye, a human figure near a window, as if she is looking someone, maybe the painter or who? And the hair... wow so real. Did you read something about the painter's model? I think this portrait will reserve to us other surprises, my friend.

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