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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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This photographically illustrated personal narrative can be seen in its entirety here.

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Amazing. I can't stop reading, but I'm at work and I HAVE TO! I can't wait to read the rest.

We have a lot in common, in some ways. Reading this really makes me think about my family..and the mess there.

Great work!

In Anna Karenina, Tolstoy hits the nail on the head: "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

Glad you enjoyed the piece, thanks.

OK, I'm relaxed now. Thanks!

Sweet. This is good, yes?

I love color, but b&w remains the most evocative...

That's wonderful! Congratulation.

Maestro, This looks to me like a very happy trio! My thanks again to you and Francesca for an absolutely delightful evening yesterday. Good food, good conversation, a feeling of comradeship and my hosts’ grace.

I am very happy with how Katherine McNamara showcased my work in Archipelago. …you might be interested in reading one of her spirited editorials, here.

It's very interesting and I'm very happy to read this one. If you haven't observed, some of that quotes are a resumé about what we spoke yesterday evening. The reasonings from different countries and different experiences are flowed into an unique point of view and this amazes me. Also, I'm glad to thank you because if the evening was delightful, it was because you were with me and my wife. Your friendship is very important in our life.

Wow. I want to say something more -- the suffering of children, even across time, moves me profoundly -- but the words aren't coming.

I would guess though if you knew something about your father's childhood, you'd find it wasn't so different from your own.

So, in addition to all your other accomplishments, you broke the cycle. That's major.

A very compelling read all the way through. Thank you for posting this.

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