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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Dark Premonition

Rome, March 1973. I’m thinking very seriously of abandoning my magazine career, wife, and daughter in New York. Dropping out, disappearing. Starting an entirely new life as a street beggar or hustler or gigilo in the city that was not built in a day. Why? Because I know in my gut that nothing ahead will turn out well. It’s going to be the screaming banshees, writhing snakes, blindness, paralysis and suffocation of a never-ending nightmare. Does my beautiful little daughter have the same dark premonition? Sometimes I think I catch a glimpse of it.

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beautyful photos of a lovely kid;)

Thanks! What would we do without old photos?

You were the man who didn't lose the hope and I think the marvelous eyes of your daughter helped you to find that hope, and now you are here...

Maestro, you are correct. I have never lost hope and what's more I never give up. My favorite Beckett quote: "I may have many faults, but changing my tune isn't one of them."

she has a ferocious expression on her face, wow, and look at the free hand! i wonder what was said to her.

seeing the photo at the coliseum is like opening a time capsule. i'd been in rome just the year before.

She frequently gave that scowl to her mother, regardless of what was said. Whenever I opened my mouth she'd roll her eyes up to the ceiling.

Well, she's now 36. The last time I heard from her she was married and living in a remote area of southwest Texas, near the Mexican border. Haven't heard from her in a long time. Her phone is disconnected and her email account is inoperative. Google and Infosearch provides no information. Ditto for my son, Stephen.

The Mexican border - Goodness! (Aside from a couple of recent entries, which are fresh in my memory, I'm not sure if I realized you had children of your own.)

I guess I win no prizes for deducing (dedalucing?) who Stephen is named after ...

No prize but a smile and a thank you for your correct deduction!

She's absolutely adorable. It's sad to think she probably isn't anywhere near that young anymore as children grow so quickly.

Just yesterday she was this cute little thing and now, well, she's 36. Me? Don't ask.

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