John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Death & Abandonment No Stranger to Chester

My uncle, John, died before I was born. Apparently my father named me after him. But I never heard my father or anyone else in the family ever talk about John.

I’ve had these birth and death certificates for about 10 years. But only today did I notice something that had never before caught my attention. John was a twin. I have no idea what happened to the other one, whatever his/her name was.

Now in my investigation into my late father’s character, I must note that to Chester Norbert Palcewski death and abandonment was no stranger. Here’s a summary:

His father, Casimir, died on Jan. 6, 1930, when he was 12.
then: death of his daughter, Roberta, my sister, on Feb. 23, 1941, when he was 23.
then: death of his brother, John, on Jun. 8, 1941, when he was 23.
then: abandonment by his wife, Elizabeth, my mother, sometime in 1943 when he was 25.
then: death of president Roosevelt, Apr. 1945, when he was 27.
then: death of his mother, Josephine, on Sept. 25, 1947, when he was 29.
then: death of his brother, Stanley, on Oct. 20, 1953, when he was 35.
then: departure of me, his son, on Aug. 1959, when he was 41.
then: death of his brother, Alec, on Mar. 22, 1969, when he was 51.


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