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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Isola Bella

In New York two weeks from now you may find me at my usual table at De La Concha, in the company of alpha males like this multi-billionaire and his colleague. Or I’ll be at The Carnegie Club. In any event, this upcoming visit is shaping up to be a significant event. It will be either a radical new beginning, or the end of something I’ve been clinging to for eight years. But one comforting fact is that I have—and will always have—my home here on Ischia. This isola bella is the only truly real thing I have ever known.

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gorgeous pictures! though... i always enjoy your pictures.

You look very suave in that first photo, John. Considering our age difference, I feel quite .. weird .. in saying that you look handsome there. But take it as a compliment in any case :)

amazing post. thanks for sharing.

I hope the best for you and I'm sure you'll make the best choice for you and your life. Remember that in Ischia there will be always a good friend (and family) waiting for you, to speak and to spend a good time eating or drinking an hot cup of double coffee. I'd like to be in NY sitting at De La Concha with you, it seems a good place to have a deep and fruitful conversation, chatting about our most beautiful topics. I'll envy you in the next weeks...

wow, evidence that I need more sleep:
I saw the first picture and thought to myself, "ooh, John with opera singer and mobguy".

Ok, you have me permission to slap me for that, but I thought it was amusing.

Best of luck on your journey.

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