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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Duty Calls

Kimberly and Daniel, the vacationing Americans Maestro and I encountered at Elio's bar this afternoon. We four had a long interesting discussion of virtually everything under the sun. Dan is on active duty in the US Army, works in Counter-Terrorism Intelligence, and is going to be shipped off to Iraq soon. Yes, Iraq.

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And my cousin, who served a year in Iraq as a Tactical Ops sniper in the Army, has been recalled for what will more than likely be an offensive on Iran. Yes, Iran.

Iraq wasn't taken for oil, WMDs, or to free the Iraqi people and show them democracy. It was taken because it's a really juicy base of operations with centrality to Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iran all at once. I wholly dislike the idea of the United States being the aggressor in the Third World War, but right now it seems as if this nation heads deterministically towards that fate.

My feelings about what the fascist swine Republicans have done to America go WAY beyond dislike. Their criminal incompetence and outright lies have resulted in the most obscene squandering of blood and treasure Americans have seen since Vietnam. And the lies continue, day after day. Turd Blossom Rove and his daily talking points. Hey, things are going swell, folks. Progress. Yep. Watch how quickly we'll wrap up the nuclear bombing campaign in Iran. Yep. It'll be a piece of cake. Watch.

Seems a little dicey to go through all the trouble of simply claiming more oil when it would be cheaper to develop alternate forms of energy than it would be to go to war, and the people in charge no doubt realize this. One's head can breed multitudes of Orwellian conspiracies meant to further enmesh the People in apathetic nihilism as each hour passes further into obscurity.

I've only to pray for Dan, I'm sorry, but my voice, as Italian, is a voice in the wilderness. I hope that the voices of the Americans will be able to change the present situation. My friend, look at that smile, he is so young (how many smiles we can't see anymore). May God help him!

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