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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Enjoy Tapping

Maestro and all my other LJers, here's my NYC trip update.

At Forio Porto at dawn, the day of my departure. Overcast, but not chilly, a scent of spring in the air from the blossoming sorrel that covers this beautiful island. The ferry took me to Napoli, got a cab to the aeroporto. Fare 15 Euros. Flew to Milano, then from Milano to New York. Slept soundly the whole night and now I'm up, refreshed, and am enjoying tapping on this keyboard.

More later!

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Is that a woodcut in the upper right?
Take care.

Up close it is acrylic on gold paper, but from a distance, yes, it resembles a wood cut. I don't see an artist's signature, though...

Well, my friend, I'm glad to hear you are good. It seems you are relaxed with that position, that's fine. Here the weather isn't good, it rains since you leaved and I think it will rain for the next 2 days. Maybe Ischia weeps your departure...:)
I would be in NY, too, but it isn't time, for the present. Let me see some beautiful pic of the places where you are now, and I'll be, with my mind, in the same places.
Meanwhile I'll be in my humdrum routine.

(Deleted comment)
Always good to be back here, and I always get a rush when I see the skyline on the way in from the airport...

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