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John Palcewski

New York Update

Mickey Mouse and Friends Mickey Mouse and Friends
Found art on the front grill of a truck parked on East 57th Street, near Lexington Avenue
Ezekiel's Ladder Ezekiel's Ladder
This was originally a verticle that showed the building climbing to the sky, but I cropped it to make sure the ladder didn't go unnoticed.
Man and his love for the Indian Man and his love for the Indian
This man lives on the street near De La Concha. His daily ritual is to talk to the wooden Indian at the front of the store, caress his cheek, and then, having thus communicated with the Native American Spirit, he departs. I was not quick enough with the camera to catch him in the middle of his ritual, but only afterward. The blur is because the camera's autofocus was fooled by the window that separated me from my subject. I will, however, claim that the blur was intentional and represents very well the state of the poor guy's mind.
Man and his love for the Indian II Man and his love for the Indian II

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