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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee at Juan Valdez
Morning Coffee at Juan Valdez
My day begins at 0700 with a cup of Colombian coffee at Juan Valdez, on 57th Street between Third and Lexington Avenues. I type on my laptop until its battery runs down, usually about two hours. You can type a lot of words in that length of time!

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I've passed that place many a time, but never even thought to enter!! Do they have free wi-fi there? Maybe I'll have to go some time...

The other day I tried but got nothing on my laptop, but today the signal is strong--and FREE--so I'm posting a reply. This is a great place!

If you are ever in Beaumont TX (as if!) I know a great place. Rao's Bakery & Coffee on Dowlen... Great coffee, good atmosphere for Texas... Free wifi (that I'm using as we speak)

Oh, and the real reason for my posting: I get 4 hours typing time ;).. The staff here must love me and my table-hogging habits!

what a great time of year to be in NY

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