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John Palcewski's Journal

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Spring in Central Park
Spring in Central Park
This is the perfect time of year to come to New York. Everywhere you turn there's an intriguing sight. Have I mentioned that I love this place? Almost as much as I love Forio d' Ischia???

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I knew this is the best time of year to spend in NYC. I saw all the travel-agencies sponsoring the City. And your photos confirm it...

Maestro, like Ischia the best times to visit NYC are spring and early fall. In those periods the morning light is special and often spectacular.

new york city is the best. yesterday i went to see cherry blossoms at the brooklyn botanic garden.

Flowers are in bloom all over the place!

awesome! thats the rock from The Fischer King.

im going to NY in July. cant wait. i will be with camera 24-7.

Keep one word in mind: BACKUP. Download pics to a laptop. Burn a disc. Or get prints made at the 1-hour shops all over the city. You'll hate yourself if you experience a flash card failure.

Yes, CP was cold and dead when I visited New York for the first time in March. Glad to see it opens up.

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