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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Gianni's New Profession?

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Hi my friend, thanx for the greetings and the article. Well, in these pics it seems you'd find your best way to help the Forio's economy. If you need a sort of recommendation to do it, let me know, I've a lot of friends in the Alilauro ;).
The trip was wonderful and Siena is the best in this season.
So, the next information by email; as I saw the African weather helped you to begin your beach-time. I had not yet the opportunity... and I'm sorry :)

Maestro! You might tell your friends at Alilauro that the Americano has six years experience in the US Navy Reserve. I was not, of course, a deep water sailor but rather a "combat cameraman" assigned to a Naval Air Station at Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. I did, however, read the manual of seamanship during my lunch hours.

Anyway, shall we meet today at 11 at Elio's? I am eager to hear of your adventures up north.

You should see the one that got away!

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