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John Palcewski's Journal

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Ciao Pushi!

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That makes me sad, and normally this kind of thing doesn't affect me when it doesn't happen to me.

The thing that made it good was seeing she'll nourish a grapevine!

Still, poor cat. I'm way too emotionally attached to mine.

After Hurricane Katrina, slit remarked how whenever you see footage of natural disasters in 'developing nations,' people are always dragging pigs or chickens or goats with them, and if something hits the US it's always dogs and cats.

Like the blink of an eye, or the snapping of a dry twig.

Oh, that's so sad :( She must've been there for a few hours before she was found - rigor mortis already set in by the looks of it? I'm sorry for your loss :( RIP Pushi!

Yes, she apparently died in the night. My landlord, Nino, found her in the morning as he was leaving for work.

My sympathies. A good cat is hard to find.

Thanks. This one was the best of them all, even better than Don Quixote, the seal point Siamese with rich blue eyes, who used to talk to me. But that was a long time ago.

I miss her, especially in the mornings when I used to fix her food.

Oh, poor pushi. It was a good way to go, though, didn't drag on with frightening trips to the vets nor invasive remedies. I wish to go that way myself, perhaps a little wander and then just lay down out in the back 30 amongst the trees and the ferns and staring up at the sky, closing my eyes and then peace envelopes me. Being buried back there would be nice, too.

Yes, she didn't seem to be in pain at all, just distracted or disoriented.

Awwww! I'm so sorry.
At least she has a nice burial in the vineyard.

Yes, and I didn't even know the burial was coming. I was glad to document it when Francesco arrived with the shovel.

sad! but nice, in a way. cat grapes, & a lovely view. poor kitty.

She'd join me on the terrace when I'd recline on my deck chair and doze.

oh my, sorry, be well little meow in new place.

The whole thing was understated and peaceful. Natural.

I know exactly how she feels. I am sorry for your loss.

. . . lovingkindness . . .

Yes, I miss her very much because she had become a part of my routine, a part of this lovely place.

(Deleted comment)
You're absolutely right. This felt right. The rat didn't.

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