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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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I got fed up with the tickling of the back of my neck so I gave myself a haircut.


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It will grow back, provided I live that long!

Ha-ha-ha. I don't think I'd go that far!

my goodness ! if my head weren't shaped so strangely or rather if i didn't perceive my head to be shaped so strangely, i'd do the same. but you! i'm sure, must look ever so dapper!

Mille grazie. You are the first person on earth to call me dapper. I have arrived at last!

Don't worry, your intellectual part is much more deep rooted :)

Nice of you to say, thanks!

Sometimes you just have to lop it off.
Enjoy the momentary lightness of your head
and move on.

I'm noticing that with the lifting of the previous burden an increasing number of thoughts come into my head. Now two, rather than one at a time.


Well now we need new pictures. :D

Congrats on the change.

If I wear it tied back as usual it's like a pony with his tail cut off. A pony stump, as it were.

I bet you will look fabulous with it down ....


Here's to changes! Cheers!

Gorgeous photograph - a fascinating shape.

Wow! Great photograph.
Enjoy the change!

New pictures are in order! Hey, you know what happens when you cut your hair off, you become completely grey. That's the end of color for you. Literally.

Change is good, and I'm sure you're no less handsome than you were before :)

whoa! excellent execution. and wow...very brave. snip snip!

wow, what a change!

also, RIP pushi. :(

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